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Model: Q19-10075S
Modern Islamic woman outfit designed specially by Qadri.Semi-formal embroidered Jilbab one layer, Padded and Shoulder Padding made form cotton and polyester designed with zipper to close. long wide sleeves and round neck collar..
Ex Tax:JD42
Blue Medical Fabric Face mask
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Model: FM-2
Blue Medical Fabric Face mask made in Jordan, suitable Men and Women. Mask made of medical fabric, approved by the FDA and available for men, women and children in multiple colors...
Ex Tax:JD7
Model: s16-651b-1
Blue Polyester Scarf..
Ex Tax:JD4
Model: S17-574A-2
Blue-Sliver Turkish Scarf..
Ex Tax:JD5
Model: s-m-278-5
Blush Plain Cotton Shawl made in Kuwait..
Ex Tax:JD5
Model: s18-18-10
Blush plain Cotton shawl made in Kuwait..
Ex Tax:JD7
Model: s19-78-8
Blush Plain Polyester Shawl made in Kuwait..
Ex Tax:JD8
Model: s18-142-2
Blush Plain Shawl Made From Dental and Cotton made in Kuwait..
Ex Tax:JD9
Model: s19-68-2
Blush Stylish sequins sequinned Polyester Shawl made in Kuwait..
Ex Tax:JD8
Model: Q19-9913S
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 14.0px Times}Fly in a stylish way! with this amazing form style of butterfly abaya. It is a special one for its sequins neck and sequins short wide sleeves to fit perfectly. It is made from one layer of crepe...
Ex Tax:JD36
Model: s18-685b-1
Bright Black Scarf..
Ex Tax:JD5
Model: s18-685b-2
Bright Burgundy Scarf   ..
Ex Tax:JD5
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