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Embroidered Jilbab

Model: Q22-12580S
an elegant jilbab made of crepe fabric with two colores ,long sleeves , belr around the waist , zipper to close and around neck collar..
Ex Tax:JD55.00
Model: Q22-12353
This classic padded jilbab made of fukuro Fabric with shoulder pads.  It has beautiful embroidery on it's long wide sleeves and the side with a round collar neck and buttons to close. ..
Ex Tax:JD59.00
Model: Q22-11912S
A formal jilbab from qadri ,padded , with shoulder pads ,  made of crepe material  , designed with simple pleat from front and back  , long sleeves , zipper to close , round neck and belt around the waist..
Ex Tax:JD55.00
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